Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buddies, awards and eggs...

Last night, we babysat Rodney's co-worker's son, Jacob, He fit right in with the boys, even eating along with them, grape for grape, Pizza Bite for Pizza Bite. We'll be watching him tomorrow night, too, so we'll see how well he likes baseball. We've got a softball game for Rodney and then Will's baseball game.

Today Rodney was recognized by his squadron, MATGS-21, for his volunteerism here in Pensacola, mostly for his umpiring for the Perdido Key Little League. He was able to take one guest to the luncheon with him, so he was kind (and/or smart) enough to chose me to go. He got a certificate and a cool challenge coin from the commanding officer Col. Will Thomas.

Rodney's friend and co-worker, Don, was also recognized for coaching for the Perdido Key Little League.

Here's a shot of the entire group present.

And, last but not least, while watering this evening, a bird flew out of my hanging spider plant out back. Before I flooded the pot with water, I had the urge to check it for a nest, and sure enough, we've got five pale green eggs in there. The boys are excited and are looking forward to seeing them hatch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Backyard baseball and beans ...

While Rodney was off umpiring tonight, the boys and I played baseball in the backyard...

I also snapped some shots of the dogs, who were in fine form. Even Marble was feeling frisky. They shed out their winter hair and their new summer fur is a bit on the grey side... I guess that is to be expected. Ripley turned 8 on March 27 and Marble turns 11 on May 31, so they are definitely senior citizens in the boxer world.

My green bean plants finally sprouted, but something (probably our "special" Florida slugs) already started eating them and my anaheim chile pepper plants. Hopefully the Sevin powder works...

And I forgot to display my corkscrew plant Mom bought me when she was out here earlier this month. Definitely an odd little plant!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing perks up a person like free flowers ...

... I had errands to run in downtown Pensacola, today, and decided to take advantage of the beautiful day to walk the few blocks to each of my destinations. A great choice! I walked past the florist shop down there and they had tubs of flowers out on the sidewalk, left over from big events they had had over the weekend. Anyone walking by could take as many as they wanted... so I took! I love fresh flowers and I grabbed enough to make three arrangements: these two and then one for my friend Emily. What a great mood lifter!

Saturday's backyard birthday BBQ ...

... we had a few families over to enjoy the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hamburger, Hotdog and Pinata festivities. Here are some photos, in no particular order:

Xan gives the Pinata a whack.

My friend Emily took this photo - I don't think Xan was expecting someone else behind my camera!

Will and Xan had some help with the gifts from Andrew (L) and Jake (R).

The boys didn't seem to mind sharing a cake again.

Will really wanted to play "the donkey tail game." 98 cents at Wal-mart and I was covered!

Emily's son Vinnie has taken an instant liking to Rodnay... what's not to like, right?

18-month-old Vinnie gave the pinata a shot.

Vinnie's oldest sister, Sophie, gave SpongeBob a whack.

Sophie, 9, also tried her hand at tailing the donkey.

Rodney and Don manned the grill (Don is Andrew's Dad and works with Rodney.)

Jake's older brotherm, David, is in Will's class and they just live a few houses down the street from us. Jake, 3, did his best to stick the tail on the donkey.

GG used up her camera's film at the party. Film?!

David, Will's classmate, takes a swing at SpongeBob.

He also aimed to pin the tail.

A beauty shot of the boys' cake.

Anja, Emily's daughter and Will's classmate, had her turn at the pinata.

And she had her turn at the donkey.

Andrew,6, was quite enthusiastic when it came to hitting SpongeBob.

And then he was the big pin-the-tail winner - and got a pack of sidewalk chalk!

I've planted a garden

While some plants, like spearmint and this lily here came up voluntarily thanks to previous owners, my Mom helped me to pick out some plants for my backyard. Aside from some flowers, I will also attempt to grow cilantro, anaheim chile peppers,

three different types of tomatoes,

yellow squash, zucchini, watermelon, green beans and cantaloupe.

Will's birthday evening...

... was a busy one. After school, GG. and Grandma Nancy took him shopping for his birthday gifts. Then Will and the rest of the 8U yankees had a game, so Will got his first hit with the new bat his Daddy had given him the night before. He even managed to score a point for his team. Last but not least, it was time to open a few cards and gifts ...

Cupcakes to school...

... as a birthday treat, Mrs. Perry allowed Will to eat at the lunch tabkles outside the school cafeteria with a friend,. He chose Tyla, so Grandma Nancy, GG and I headed to school to sit with them at lunch and then distribute cupcakes to Will's class. Will insisted that he help hand out the cupcakes.

Dinner for 12 ...

On Thursday, Rodney had six of his Marine and civilian air traffic control collegagues over to the house for dinner. We also celebrated Will's birthday with Rodney's friends Jesse and Nicole. Here are photos from that night.