Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rodney now owns the Ultimate Driving Machine ...

otherwise known as a BMW, or Beamer, or the quintessential OC car. Rodney's been wanting one for awhile and this one was a good deal and (sort of) fit in our budget. Will was disappointed that it wasn't a truck (I am sorry, but I have to agree that the F-150 seemed to fit Rodney better) but it do have to admit that it is fun to drive, although the only times I have really gotten to drive it is with the sales guy or Rodney in the car, so I haven't gotten to really test it out yet ... just waiting for the chance to take it on the toll road solo ... LOL. But Rodney is happy, especially since he is getting 30-plus miles per gallon on the way to work. Much better than the 13 or so he got in the truck (but then again, he had about 400 pounds (no kidding) of stuff loaded into all the tool chests, nooks and crannies - you should see all the stuff he took out of it, now littering our garage!). Next time you're over, you'll have to give it a spin for yourself to see if it lives up to the slogan ... the Ultimate Driving Machine. I just hope that if Rodney gets transferred, whereever we go will have a BMW dealership nearby for any repairs!

Thanks, Peggy!

This guy is so cute! A boxer in a hot air balloon Christmas Tree ornament! I have not bought a boxer onament for myslef in a couple of yeas because I have not found any that aee new and cute. Well, Peggy found a great one and sent it to me for my birthday! I can't wait to get the Christmas tree set up so I can add this guy on there! Thanks, Peggy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rodney reenlisted today ...

I guess we really are in the Marine Corps for the long haul. Rodney was honorably discharged and then re-enlisted in the Corps for at least another 5 years. He was sworn in and he got a certificate to commemorate the event. I also got one, for my dedication to my husband's Marine Corps career. Rodney just celebrated his 11th year last month, so we're on the downhill stretch.

Ice Skating!

Will's school, Del Cerro, hosted a skate night Wednesday night, so we all went and skated - even Xan! Will did great, the hockey practices and roller blading really paid off! He had enough fun that he wants to go back. Xan was not happy about the lack of balance, especially on the ice, but he quickly got his "blade legs." At least he did when they put a plate of cookies out 8 feet away from him. All of a sudden the little boy who did not want to leave his Dad's lap was booking it across the aisle several times for a snack, in his skates.

Daylight photos of the totaled truck

Wednesday morning, the tow truck came to take Rodney's tuck to the salvage yard for the adjuster to evaluate. We'll find out next week how much ou "settlement" will be.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Everybody's fine ...

Rodney was driving home from getting a haircut with the boys and rear-ended a lady, who then rear ended another man at a stop light. The air bags deployed and blew dust everywhere. Rodney's forearms and bruised and "burned" by the air bags and he's generally stiff and sore. Will was quite freaked out by the air bags deploying because he could not breathe with all of the dust they expelled when they deployed. He was pretty shaken and tearful. Xan just took it all in stride. Rodney called me at home and I ran over to the scene. Both boys were sitting nicely on the sidewalk. My mom came, and took the boys to her house for supper and a few games of Wii. I took over the project management and called the insurance company, It sounds like the truck will be considered totalled, which could be rough on us, since we owe more than it is worth. But, Rodney needs reliable transportation, so he is already on the Internet, looking at sensible, gas-friendly sedans. The truck is currently in our driveway, awaiting another tow to the salvage yard where the adjust can take a look at it. We'll keep you posted as to the next chapter in this saga ...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jessica's Christmas list

I have not had much time to think, but here are a few items:

iTunes gift card
"Real Women Scrap" book
Any CD from comediennes Kathleen Madigan and Chonda Pierce
gift certificates to Marriott hotels
American Airline gift cert gift cert
Costco gift cert
"Big Love" (HBO TV show) Seasons 1 and 2 boxed sets
"Runaway Bride" soundtrack (mine got scratched)
thermometer for outside my kitchen window
cookie sheets
a biogrpahy of Katharine Hepburn, and/or her autobiography

Xan's Christmas list

Since Xan can;t really say what he wants as far as long-term desires go (he wants candy, spoons and sippy cups when he sees them, but as far as what he wants tomorrow ... who knows!), we will have to go on observations and Will's Lilly's Kids catalog recommendations.

What Xan likes playing with:

His push car from Wal-mart. Ke likes storing things in the seat compartment, especially.
Kitchen sets
Things you can stack
His Duplo Legos
Hot Wheel cars
Anything in Will's room he knows he cannot have, especially markers and Crayons

Will recommends:
Bath toys
Animal farm set
Plush counting bee hive

Xan might also like:
DVD/VCR player (we have plenty of movies left over from Will.)

Xan wears size 24 months, but is too tall and skinny for any brand other than Children's Place. He wears size 7 shoes.

Will's Christmas list

I had Will go through a Lilly's Kids catalog and circle the things he wanted. I will be mailing the catalog to Aunt Vic, since she was the first to ask for a Christmas list, just so she, and everyone she shares it with, can get an idea of what Will likes. These are all things he circled:

Kitchen/food stuff
Shark stuff
Medieval knights
Bath toys of all kinds
Songebob hop ball
aircraft carrier and planes
pottery wheel
rocket bubble gum machine
personal vending machine
fire engine/police car bed tent

but NOT the "inside story of you" see-thru man that shows you human organs ... that was the only thing he "x"ed out - too ugly, he said. I guess this one won't be a doctor!

Flushed Away
Surfs Up
Shrek the Third

As for clothes, he wears size 6/7 clothes and size 13/1 shoes.

Rodney's Christmas list

Since we have already gotten requests from family, I will post each of our gift lists here on the blog and add stuff as we think of it ... please pass our blog addy on to anyone who may care. Thanks!

Rodney's lists (as written out by him):

Vision Quest
We Are Marshall

New one from Big & Rich
New one from Montgomery Gentry

white socks
gift certificate to Wal-mart for underwear
White undershirts (wife beaters and tagless T's)
Size 13D black/brown Justin Ropers
New boots western/regular (Tony Lama)
Running Shoes

Poker Chips from Target
Autozone gift card
LaserJet black pens
Home Depot gift card
Baseball game for Playstation 2
$ for 24-hour Fitness membership
Ironman watch with a good wrist band
Punching bag and stand
good/decent speaker wire

Monday, November 05, 2007

Movie of boys at play

Here is a 2-minute clip of what typically happens each evening in our house ... (Don't expect a lot of these videos - they take forever to upload!)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Marine Corps Ball

Rodney and I went to the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball in San Diego Friday night. Since I was driving, Roidney was able to drink all the beverages other purchased for him ... which led to his nap on the car ride home.

Must-have hats

We headed to the mall Thursday night to find some lomg, but skinny, pants for Xan, who is too tall for 18 month clothes, but too thin for most 24-month clothes. The Children's Place was the last straw and came through with some affordable clothes, but Xan refused to leave Children's Place until he could wear this hat on his head ... permanently. He looked so cute, we figured Will would look just as cute in one, so we bought him one to match. At least their ears will be warm this winter!

Attack of the Grandpa Monster!

Xan was a bit freaked out by Grandpa Mark, who thought it would be funny to greet him Halloween evening with a monster mask. Apparently, this monster had a thing for Hawaiian shirts. Xan shrieked and ran to his Grandma Nancy and would not let go.

Spidey and the Bee

Will and Xan had a great time trick-or-treating this year. We trick-or-treated around Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Mark's neighborhood with Brandon. Will hooked up with neighborhood friend Christian and they tore ahead of the slower parents. Xan liked going up to the doors, selecting candy to put in his bag and meeting everyone's dogs. Well, he did until he saw too many scray masks on fellow trick-or-treaters. He then had to be carried up to every door. Both boys made out like bandits with candy. I sure the dentist will be pleased!

The Devil's first Halloween

Nephew Brandon was dressed up in the devil costume my Mom made for my first Halloween 30 years ago. He looked quite cute, but I think his parents had more fun Trick or Treating than he did ... at least that was the case when it came to the candy he got! Plus, I finally got the link to Brandon's personal blog: Or, click the link under my list of web sites!