Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A week in California....

... Forgive me for a late post on the week. I can't even say I didn't have time. I just chose to do other things. Like play video games. been a long time since I've done that! But here are some photos taken since the last time I posted:

When we first got to California on Dec. 19, we celebrated my bother Joe's birthday, which has been earlier in the week. Here's nephew Brandon really getting in to the Happy Birthday song.

Joe with his gifts. Think he likes Legos?

Will is starting to read the Harry Potter series. Grandpa is listening to him read and multi tasking by taking a nap at the same time.

Uncle Rodney gets to know Cheyenne.

Cheyenne in the dress we got her before she was born. Please note it is not pink. :)

Since the rain made us all housebound for awhile, we decided to give Pretend City in Irvine a try. It's just that: a fun "city" for small children to explore. And it's all housed in a warehouse. I'd love to bring something like this to Pensacola.

Possible Pen Air sponsorship...?? LOL....

The Dads are thrilled...

Will was a checker at the Ralphs grocery store for awhile...

The boys at the park with nephew Brandon and family friend John.

Cheyenne really loves to chew on this spoon.

Jewel tries to nap with Grandpa Mark.


On the tram at DFW airport on the way to the OC.

Yummy all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ!

First Christmas outfit.

The sugar cookie tree left for Santa Christmas Eve. The boys made it with Grandma Nancy.

The annual delivering of the pie to the firemen.

Will discovers his Nintendo DS.

Xan discovers his iPod touch.

Brandon gets his first Bakugans from the boys.

DS games from Santa ... Pokemon for Will (as requested) and Star Wars Legos (not requested, but liked all the same.)

Legos are always a hit.

Cheyenne likes her Mom's paper pad.

Cheyenne got a baby doll from the boys.

GG with a quilt Grandma Nancy made her. The fabric had been passed between the two women over the years and the joke was that something was finally done with it that could not be returned.
Grandma Nancy with her gift from Xan.

Grandma Nancy with her gift from Will.

Gina with her gift from us.

Grandma Nancy with her album from us.

GG with her album from us.

Grandpa Mark with his gifts from the boys.

Playing with the new games. The boys have (so far) shared and traded off with little fanfare.

GG with Xan's gift.

GG with Will's gift.

Me with Cheyenne. She was getting ready to cry. She is not fond of me. She likes Uncle Rodney a lot better.

The boys with their gifts from Nancy in Illinois. (See? Patience pays off, Nancy!)