Sunday, August 30, 2009

This weekend...

Life was a beach this weekend. Well, at least on Satirday it was, Sunday we had a huge thunderstorm sweep through. Will played over at his friend David's house down the street and Xan chased the dogs around the house, trying to pet them without them licking him.

Will took this photo.

We got Will a boogie board and I showed him how to use it, The Gulf waves are not anything like the Pacific waves, so he was only to ride a couple of them in to the beach, but he had a great time paddling around. Unfortunately, the water reflected the sun so well that his face and back hot sunburned, even though he was covered in sunscreen. Xan. who played onbthe beach most of the time, had just as much sunsceen on, but escaped any burns. Rodney was also making sure he escaped any sunburns - please note the towel on his feet. As much as he hates the beach I was able to coax him into the water for about 20 minutes before we left for home.

Xan and Will are each signed upf or fall sports: Will will be playing baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Xan will play soccer on Saturdays. We'll be sure to post photos of both!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New credit union members ...

Rodney had Monday off, so after school, he picked the boys up from daycare early so that they could see where I worked and to open up their own Pennysavers accounts at the credit union. I asked Rodney to bring them and their money... I did not specify that the money should already be out of the piggy banks...

Will ended up depositing about $180, Xan about $150. Will was really funny. I explained to him that he was now a member of the credit union. He asked, "Does that mean I get an office like yours?" Um, no honey... you have to slave away 8 hours a day there to get one of those! But he did tell his Grandma Peggy how excited he was to "be a member." He's already got the marketing lingo down!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kids come home ... and head off to school...

Rodney brought the boys home from their summer adventures yesterday. Within seven minutes of their arrival, here is what they were doing:

This morning kicked off a new school year. Will is in Mrs. Hunt's 2nd grade class, and while he had his usual nervous stomach in the morning, Mrs. Hunt sent me a note sayding Will settled in quote well after he helped her with some morning tasks. Will said he even ate his lunch. He's already starting off better than he did last year ... it took him three days to eat lunch at school.

Xan was a replay of last year: He cried the moment we got out of the car at preschool.

Although he is in the same classroom, he has a new teacher: Miss Jessica. Oddly enough, he couldn't remember his teacher's name this afternoon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aunt Jill comes through yet again ...

... here are some more photos of the boys and their summer fun. Some highlights: Willvis was invited to Nebo for an Elvis impersonation contest. Willvis won 2nd place in the talent portion, earning him $15. The boys asked of they could bring their kittens home. I was surprised by how tough it was for me to tell them no. Will has mastered the art of riding a bike without training wheels. Xan is getting in touch with his creative side with some painting. Take a look for yourself:

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aunt Jill comes through again...

... she Snapfished some photos of the kids. Most recently, Will and Xan went with Grandma Peggy, Aunt Sam, Amy, Kara and Lauren to visit Mary Ellen and Aunt Leta Jean, who live near Chicago. It looks like they had a great time: