Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photos from the Shields' visit...

While those of you on Facebook may have seen some of these already, here are some fun photos from Katie, Jim and Drew Shields' visit to SoCal this weekend:

Family photos at the beach...

On June 16, we celebrated Father's Day and my parents' 40th wedding anniversary with pizza, sand and family photos on the beach. You can hear more about our Gina's Pizza tradition on Corona del Mar State Beach on my personal blog by clicking here. Here are more photos that weren't on my personal blog:

Of course, these last two photos are not of family members, but I still found them interesting.

The Shields' Visit to SoCal...

Katie, Jim and Drew arrived in Lake Forest Friday afternoon and we almost immediately headed over to Dave and Busters so the kids (and adults) could burn some pent-up energy.

It was then back to the Kasal house for supper. In true Kasal fashion, I made sure we got a family photo. It was on a timer, so I could be in the photo, and I made it easy on myself, plopping down in front. I usually don't eat my supper on the floor.

The next day we had breakfast at Starbucks, and then headed off to Corona del Mar State Beach, known by my family as "Big Corona." This is where my Mom spent many of her high school summers, and where we recently had family photos taken (those will be posted soon!)

After the beach we headed back to the Kasal house, where we ate some yummy BBQ pork ribs (I miss barbecue!), corn on the cob and cole slaw. Thanks, Mom! On the way to see Monsters University, we stopped by the Oakley factory so Jim could get a photo taken outside the ornate entry. I didn't get a photo of that because I was in the car, leaving it run so that we could hurry over to the movie... Katie didn't want to miss the previews! :)

Sunday morning we headed back out to Starbucks and let the Drew play with the boys before he had to sit in the car for eight hours to head back home to Tucson. And, like any photographer worth her salt, I made sure to get one more group photo.