Monday, January 29, 2007

Boys are Home!

Rodney left Thursday morning to pick up the boys in Illinois. The three of them got in yesterday afternoon while I was at CHA (visit my Scrap Happenings Blog for details on THAT)and I hardly recognized Will and Xan. Will has definitely gotten taller. I'm hoping his pants will stay long enough to get him through the rest of the winter! As usual, he didn't want to come home. He kept trying to bargain - when he's 6 he can he move to Pittsfield and live with Grandma Peggy? How about when he's in college? By the way - that close up on Will in the tub ... he is showing off his "close shave" he got using the Cars shaving kit he got for Christmas.

Xan is a chunky baby now. He's on his way to walking. He'll stand alone for awhile - as long as he doesn't know he is doing it - and then slowly bend down to sit on the floor. He's still a happy little guy and recognized me as soon as I called him bee-bee, like I do. He's now at the stage where he'll either follow you around like a shadow, or take off on his own and disappear. I have now started closing doors to rooms I don't want him in.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Pea Green Scrap Room

Two weekends ago Rodney surprised me by building a "portable" scrap room in the garage. With the help of friends Nan and Peter, the scrap room came complete with 64 feet of floor space, drywall and a door that LOCKS to keep would-be scrap theives out of my stuff - ha! Oh, and a pea green accent wall. Not quite the color I had in mind, but apparently the lights in Home Depot aren't what you would call "true." What was supposed to be a dark sage turned out to be baby food pea green. Solution: Cover the wall with scrap stuff!!!

Poker and Passion

With the kids away - the parents will play! We hosted a Poker and Passion Party Saturday night and it was a great success! Rodney got a full night of poker at his *new* poker table (Christmas present). I hosted the Passion Party part - and, boy, were the ladies generous! The Passion consultant, Jamie, had her best party ever as far as sales went! After the Passion part was over I played in the last poker game of the evening and managed to win. The big hits were: The chocolate fountain, pony keg of beer and the mechanical tongue. Don't ask!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

With Will and Xan vacationing with Rodney's family in Illinois, Rodney and I spent three days and four nights in Sin City. The slots were not kind to me and our hotel did not offer Black Jack lessons, so I scrapbooked a bit, instead. Rodney did well in the hotel's Texas Hold 'Em tournaments, managing to come in first and second in two of the four he played. We also saw a comedy show, which was OK, not great. The Cirque de Soliel's Zumanity show was one I have wanted to see for quite a while, so we went. Both of us really enjoyed it - amazing acrobatics and hilarious content!
Side note: It was sad to see the Stardust abandoned. I think the sign says it all. Rodney wasn't overly upset since that's where he got food poisoning back in 2000 after eating lobster.
Now we're back home and to reality with no hot water! The heating element went out of our hot water heater. Hopefully we will have a new one tomorrow. Welcome Home!