Sunday, February 28, 2010

A house full of Rock Stars...

We are having a lot of fun with our new Wii, bringing out the best of our inner Rock Stars. Xan couldn't play the guitar very well, so we thought the drums might be easier for him to do - and they are. Good thing he knows his colors!

Sunday was a quiet day, catching up on rest and playing in the yard.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Active, but low-key weekend...

The Guthrie's stuck close to home this weekend, but had plenty to do. I am using my Wii Fit almost every day and loving it. The only bummer is that I get a regular audience. I put this very unflattering picture of myself on here just to point out what I have to put up with. This does not show Rodney, who is usually seated in his chair behind me - a most excellent view, I'm sure. My fans get very upset if they get banished, so I am hoping the novelty will just wear off soon.

Will and Rodney started team practice on Thursday. Xan gets to practice with them, so he's happy. No pictures because I stayed home to enjoy the silence for a couple of hours - and work out without an audience! I am going to play on the Pen Air FCU co-ed softball team this season... 10 weeks of Thursday night games. I didn't want to embarrass myself too much at Monday;s practice so I asked Rodney and the boys to go out to the base softball fields and hit and field with me. Everyone got a chance to hit and I didn't do half bad. I just hope I am not too sore! Here's a shot of Rodney giving Xan batting tips.

Later that night we hosted a goodbye party for our friends the Wilkinson's, who have been transfered to San Diego. Plus, there was UFC fight on, so we couldn't miss out on that! Couple that fun with a quick $5 poker tournament and you've got quite an evening! Meanwhile, we had about 25 kids here, so they all ran around like lunatics (Rodney was about ready to kill someone) and Xan calmly made his spaceship.

Sunday was lazy, but we did get the Wii guitar and have had a fabulous time with it. Rodney has actual guitar experience, so he schools the rest of us, but I a happy to say that I am usually only a couple of percentage points behind him in the score! Will struggled, but with some patience he is going to do just fine. Xan saw how Will was doing and said he would stick to bowling and baseball.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We got a Wiiiii!

The boys are thrilled... here are some pics....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plenty to report...

Sorry for the delay, blog addicts, it's been pretty busy around here, for all of us. Rodney is coaching Will's baseball team this spring, so there have been player evaluations, team picks, field days, fundraisers (of course... BTW, anyone want to buy a $15 candle?). The good news is that Will is one of the few level 5 players, which are the best in the league. He might play well enough this season to be picked for the All Star team. Pastor Sean, the youth pastor at the local Liberty Church we go to, has a son Will's age and will be assisting Rodney with the coaching, as will Greg, my friend Brynn's husband. BTW, if anyone knows Brynn, she and Greg are due to have their first baby in October - congrats to them!

On Feb. 4 Pen Air FCU had it's last Ice Flyers hockey game night. Of course the family was there in full force while I worked, handing out Pen Air cowbells to spectators. They were very popular. And people are bringing them back to the games on a regular basis... excellent marketing move that I wish I could take credit for! It was actually Greg's idea.

Will has also been selected to test for the gifted program at his school. They are looking for an IQ higher than 130 for him to qualify. If he is accepted, he will go on a bus every Monday to a nearby school for enrichment activities, including studies of Egyptian history, dissecting small animals and more. It sounds like it would be right up his alley. Will's class also celebrated the 100th day of school last week and had lots of 100-themed activities. Here is one of his papers, which I found to be the epitome of Will.

Xan has also been busy. While he is still too young to play ball in this league, he will be practicing with Will's team. I have a feeling that he'll be one of the best batters in t-ball next year, considering he is already hitting a moving ball. Today he was signing his Valentines for the party at preschool on Friday and he got started while Rodney and I were cleaning up from dinner. I checked back with him to see how he was doing (I gave him a Sharpie, because I knew he could sign his name well with one!) and he had signed his name... with punctuation! An exclamation point, to be exact.

Rodney and I had a night out last weekend, to a bowl-a-thon fundraiser for Junior Achievement. Pen Air FCU was involved and was challenging the local Navy Federal CU to see who could raise the most money. I actually have no idea who did raise more, but we had a great time bowling anyway, followed by a few rounds of karaoke.

Christy (I work with her husband, Brad, she is a teller at the corporate branch while she finishes school) and me

Brynn (whose hat won the Mardi Gras hat contest, Christy and me.

Brad, Christy and Rodney sing No Diggity.

The pregnant couple... who didn;t kow they were pregnant at this time.

Brad and Rodney sing "A country boy can survive."

As for me, I officially sold the retailing and wholesaling of Kits2Remember's raw materials (acrylic, metal, chipboard, stamps) to a fellow scrapbook enthusiast in San Diego County, Calif. Her new venture is called From Cover 2 Cover and is scheduled to launch next week. She is very enthusiastic, has a lot of creativity, teaches classes and has kids who are teenagers. I wish her the best of luck! I have retained the rights to purchase from my suppliers for project kits and classes, so I will still be dabbling. Maybe now I can get some of the family scrapbooking done!