Friday, May 27, 2011

Belle and the Boys

We babysat Belle Sachs tonight and the boys had a great time with her. And she seemed to like them a lot more than she liked me, which probably doesn't come to a surprise to anyone. There is also a video of the interaction and Xan's comparisons of Belle to Cheyenne.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A collection of photos from this week...

This is the baby bird on the back porch, two days before he flew away. 

Xan's new (used) bike from the Nunez's complete with training wheels from his old bike.

Rodney's plaque for coaching the Braves, Will's team, this season, from a local scrapbooker, Mary Anderson. She is also the mom of a kid on Will's team.

Can anyone catch the big grammar no-no on this billboard?

The (Preschool) Graduate

Xan graduated from Blue Angel Early Learning Center's PreK program Saturday with high marks. Here are some photos and videos from the event:

Stage fright before the event, but Miss Brenda helped out.
Xan with his grad cupcake

Xan's diploma
Front side of Xan's report card
Back side of Xan's report card
Xan on graduation bridge
Xan waving from graduation bridge
Xan walking across stage:

Xan hugging Miss Nina, school Administrator
Xan handing Miss Nina a card
Xan with Miss Stephanie
Xan giving the teachers gifts:

Can you find Xan?
How about now?
Xan's slide in the slide show.

Here are a couple of videos from the car ride home:

Xan messing with his cap:
President's Song:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Registered for Kindergarten!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Xan and Miss Pensacola USA...

Xan made his pageant debut this weekend and it's all on YouTube. Unfortunately, you have to watch to the end of the 6:37 minute video before you get to see members of the Guthrie Gang... but, you can see more of my friend, Miss Pensacola USA Raeanne Lawrence.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Will got third place!

Will got third place on his science project! The entire grade level was judged together (about 120 kids in the grade level, I have no idea how many entered the fair) and three were selected for each first, second and third place (9 kids total got ribbons other than 'participant'). Will was one of the third place children! A huge thank you to Grandma Nancy, Aunt Jill and Uncle Luke, Will says!

Will pitching...

We have some video footage of Will's pitching for the third time this season. You can see it on our YouTube account:

And both kids were selected as All Stars! Three kids from each team are hand-selected to be on the summer club team to represent Perdido against other leagues in the area and both Will and Xan were selected for their age groups! Unfortunately, they will be gone all summer and cannot play. But just knowing they are top players in the league is wonderful!

How many people can say they know Miss Pensacola?

My friend and co-worker Raeanne was crowned Miss Pensacola tonight, She;s never competed before, but this was on her "bucket list" - to compete in a pageant. Since she is getting married later this year, this was her only chance to compete in the Miss USA circuit. The boys had been excited to go, since the love Rae and will be in her wedding. Co-worker Crystal was also there. Here's the video of the news segment... keep an eye out for the Guthrie Gang in the b-roll...

Guess we're just getting one fuzzy baby this year...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Since Rodney had duty, it was just me and the boys today, pretty much just puttering around the house. I did get a lovely collection of cards and gifts, the funniest being one that Xan did at school. It describes me through his eyes.

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The sleeping mask story...

A few weeks ago Xan said he wanted "one of those things that covers your eyes so you can sleep." I have no idea why, but I figured it might make a great stocking stuffer. I had no idea where to find one, so I figured it would take me awhile to find. But, it did not. Target had them in their dollar aisle today, so I bought one for Xan. I gave it to him and he said reminded all of us the Squidward on Spongebob wears one to bed. When it was time for bed, Xan said he did not want to wear the sleeping mask. OK, no problem. $1.00 down the tubes, but oh well. But then, when I went in to check on the boys, I saw that someone else thought the sleeping mask would be useful. And, in fact, it was. I was able to use the flash for this photo, and Will didn't move a muscle.

One fuzzy baby...

Our back porch nest has one fuzzy baby and three unhatched eggs. One of the five eggs is missing and I have no idea what could have happened to it. There is no evidence in the plant or below it.

Will's Saturday game

Saturday, Will had a morning game, which actually started (nearly) on time. So, I was able to get some good photos of his team. Below are a few of the ones of him. The rest you can find on the Picasa web album.

Will's Thursday game...

Started nearly half an hour late, so it was too dark to get any good pictures. But this is one of Will getting the game ball (third one for the season) for hitting in 3 RBIs in two base hits. Plus, he does an excellent job at first base. His team lost this game, but that wouldn't be the case on Saturday.

Xan's Thursday game...

For the first Thursday in months, I did not have class, so I got to watch both my boys play. Below are a could of photos of Xan, but I took over 100 pictures at the game. So, for the rest, log on to my Picasa album.

Dragon report...

Will is very proud of his Dragon report he did with a group of other kids in his class. This week he had his turn to bring it home to show his family, although he assured me he was the one who got to keep it. Just in case, I got photos of it for him.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The science experiment...

On April 15 and 16, when Grandma Nancy was here, she and Will did his science project experiment to see which of 10 select liquids freeze fastest. Will hypothesized that Gatorade would freeze first because of the sugar in it, and that Gulf water would freeze last because of the salt in it.

So, for those of you pondering the question, milk actually froze first. So, today, May 2nd, Aunt Jill and Uncle Luke helped put the final display together for the science project.

Luke said he was thrilled to be published again (researcher joke). And Xan and Dad were a lot of help.

If you want to see some of the stuff I have been up to around the scrap room, be sure to check out my personal blog. Also, if you would like to see the final project that ensured my A in my communication training class (how to teach at the collegiate level or be a consultant), check out that blog: