Wednesday, August 06, 2014

American road trip 2014

During my visit to the states this summer, my mother decided it would be fun to travel to Las Vegas, to see my brother, Joe, and his family, and then to Tucson, to visit Rodney's cousin Katie, and her family... Including her 3-month old twins, Dylan and Ellie. Joe's kids, Brandon and Cheyenne, were already in town with my mom and dad, and greeted me at LAX with my kids. We dropped them back off at home when we went to Vegas. So here are the highlights:

In the car, ready to leave Lake Forest! Road trip!

We pit stopped in Baker, making sure to get the photo opp with the large thermometer. It was unusually cool for August.

This was Will and Xan's first trip to Las Vegas... We stayed at the Mirage.

First Vegas winnings... We turned $3 in to $5. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky a few days later when I played the slots again.

A collage of our day time look around the strip. And yes, that is root beer Xan is drinking.

The next day we went to see the Hoover Dam. We also celebrated Cheyenne's 4th birthday with a trip to Chuck E Cheese... Xan's first time there.

The next day, the we said goodbye to the Kasals and headed to Tucson to visit the Shields and Grandma Peggy, who was in town to see us and the twins. Along the way, I found a Sonic and got my favorite iced tea. 

Everyone met the twins... And the grandmas were more than thrilled to cuddle the babies.

Part 2 of our road trip will be posted soon!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Will is now a card-carrying babysitter!

Following in his mother;s footsteps, Will took the Red Cross babysitting class offered here on base and is now eligible to babysit other kids. He already had his first paying customer: Josephine, the 1-year old two doors down. He earned $10. His rates are $5 per hour for the first child and $2.50 an hour for additional children. I think I was paid $4.25 an hour at my first "real" job.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Paying Attention vs. Not Paying Attention...

Xan presented me with these pictures he drew today, at his teacher's request. I am hoping this does not mean he got in trouble.

In this drawing, he is paying attention:. He is listening to his teacher in class and raising his hand, Xan said Hopefully this is a daily occurrence... and, apparently he hovers in class.

In this drawing, Xan explained that this is me yelling at him to stop playing with the cat, and to get his shoes on/do his homework/unload the dishwasher/whatever he is supposed to be doing. I know this is a daily occurrence and apparently he does, too. At least he drew me thin.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are you ready for some baseball???

We are! The boys had their Opening Day Saturday. I'm excited because, for the first time, and probably the last, they are on the same team! Plus, Rodney's head coach, so we're Ligers all the way! Here are some of the pictures I took Saturday:

Will pitched, Xan played first.

Xan makes a play at first:

The Ligers won 14-1 and both Will and Xan played great. They each had hits, got on base and scored for the team. We are very proud of them.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Xan's report card and recent writing sample...

While Xan still doesn't get real grades in 2nd grade, he is doing well above par. Here are the documents we got last week about his performance:

Obviously the child has not had to deal with the packing, moving and paperwork required when traveling "all around the world," which, for him, has included California, Florida and Japan. And we have actually moved every four years so far, but details, schmeetails.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Will is Student of the Month!

Will earned M.C. Perry Elementary School's 6th Grade Student of the Month in April for Fairness. He got a pizza lunch today, which his parents joined him for...

And then he brought home straight A's.... way to go, Will!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Monster Birthday Bash!

Will turns 12 and Xan turns 8 this month... and for the first time in years, we have hosted a big birthday party. We rented out the theater on base and the boys wanted a monster theme... so that's what we did... complete with spooky invitations. We even watched Monsters University!

The boys cut out vampire bats and taped on fishing line. Dad then hung them from the ceiling of the theater lobby.

We made (non-toxic) slime from borax, yellow highlighters, water and blue school glue. It glows under a blacklight.

The boys dressed as half-zombies... the homemade face paint was not good. It flaked off quickly.

In case you didn't know, zombies eat brains.

Will pulled a fast one...

Which Xan thought was funny...

Until he realized his brother blew his candle out, too.

There ended up being 23 kids, 25 counting the boys, and a handful of adults who stayed. About a third of the kids dressed up.

A photo of me just after I found out there was a cleaning fee I was not aware of. And our neighbors, the Betancourts. And a random dead dragon.

The boys made out like bandits, and this isn't showing the cash and gift cards they got...