Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wanna see Xan freak out?

Just blow a bubble with your gum! Rodney made THAT mistake while we were having family pizza and movie night. While the huge, loud Transformers on the new HD were something for Xan to laugh at and scream encouragement to, Dad blowing a pink bubble was just too much for the little guy! "Daddy Bubble! Daddy Bubble!" He said that over and over until he was bathed and put to bed. We'll see if he remembers the trauma in the morning.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter Pictures as promised ...

These are from Mark's camera ...

Hunting up eggs

The annual Easter egg hunt at my parent's association club had fabulous weather this year and all three grandsons were able to enjoy the eggs, one way or another. However, the Easter bunny was another story. Brnadon got his picture alone first, and he was fine, but kept checking out the bunny face and hands, trying to figure out who exactly had him. Then it was Will and Xan't turn to join Brandon with the Easter bunny, but Xan was having nothing to do with the bunny. Will had to hold him still long enough to get a couple of pictires, including this one of everyone not looking too happy (although Will never cried ... he was trying to tell us the Xan was not cooperating.) More pictures coming soon!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Mark came over and we colored 18 hard boiled eggs. Xan was old enough to really "get into it" this year and Will did a great job of writing on the eggs with a white Crayon to make designs.

Christmas in March

Well, at least it seems like that for the adult Guthries! A furniture store here in SoCal is going out of business, so furniture prices are as much as 75 percent off. We decided to head over and look for a couch set, since our couch is uncomfortable and we wanted a couch that converted into a bed so we had more space for guests. Not only did we get a couch for the money we budgeted, but we got a matching loveseat with independent rocking EZ chairs (Rodney is modeling it), a new hutch and buffet, a new breakfast nook/poker table that is bar-height with six chairs (one for each available poker spot) and a dining room table (in pieces and stored in our garage - we will have to find chairs later) that just happened to match the hutch we had already picked out. The new purhcases inspired Rodney to go out and buy a new flat screen plasma HD TV. Despite all the new furniture, the living room seems so much more spacious now that the HUGE tube TV is out. It is currently in the garage but, as soon as Rodney has access to a pick up truck, it will take up residence at his friend, Pete's house.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm!

On St. Patrick's Day, the Guthrie Gang, plus a fifth Guthrie, Grandma Peggy, headed to Knott's Berry Farm to see what there was to see ... and we saw and did a lot!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grandma Peggy is here!

And she spent some time with Xan in the backyard this morning. Here are some pictures! Will was thrilled he did not have to go to TLC after school, that we picked him up before lunch so he could hangout with his grandma. While Xan went to the park just down the street from our house in the morning, both he and Will got to go after their naps. However, that may not have been a great idea, since Will followed Xan down the slide too closely and smacked into him, sending Xan sprawling on the side of his face. He's scraped up a bit, but after the stitches in the fall, this was nothing!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Shhh.... Brandon's sleeping ....

Apparently, this shopping trip was just too much for the 8.5-month-old. Joe and Gina sent over these pictures. It also looks like Brandon might have gotten Grandpa Mark's bald spot ...

As for the Guthrie's, we are busy as always. Will was home sick with a cold-ish type thing the end of last week, but had kicked it by Saturday night. Xan has not yet caught it, but there is still time!

Although we had planned to move across town to a bigger home this week, it looks like Rodney will be getting orders to teach at the Naval Base in Pensacola, FL, this summer, instead. So, we are having to break the lease we signed just about a week ago and try to get our deposit back. None of us are overly thrilled by the news, and details are sketchy at best, right now. We'll keep you all posted.

Grandma Peggy was scheduled to fly out to help with the boys while my parents and I headed to a scrapbook expo in the Bay Area and Rodney moved the household, but it looks like she'll just be out here for the fun of it, soaking up the 70-degree sunshine and spending time with the boys. She'll even be accompanying Will on his kindergarten field trip to the farm at the Orange County Fairgrounds while she is here.

Both boys are working on molars right now: Will is getting his 6-year-old molars (no loose teeth yet!) and Xan is getting in his 2-year-old molars. Will is fascinated by the game "Mouse Trap" right now and Xan is all about carrying his little "pack-pack" to school every morning, like Will. He is also very serious about Will not forgetting his backpack in the car when he gets out to head to class each morning. Xan can't take his back pack (it is actually Will's little red one, with his name embroidered on it. There's a birthday gift idea for someone ...) to daycare, so we leave it in the car and I take it home for the next morning.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!