Saturday, December 27, 2008

Play practice

This morning was the church play practice for the children's Christmas performances tomorrow. Since Rodney and I will be driving back to Pensacola tomorrow, I went to the practice today so I could see Will and Xan in all their theatrical glory.

Xan's was more gory than glory - he did not want to participate in anything and stern Mommy had to make him get dressed in his costume and at least partially participate in the performance.

Of course, we could hear him bawl the entire time, unless Aunt Sam held him. Hopefully he will do better for the real thing tomorrow.

Mary Pursley emceed the event (more like herding cats than anything else) and Vicky Orr directed. First, the kids explained the meaning of Christmas with a STAR;

And then it was time for them to be carolers with jingle bells, knocking on Vicky Orr's door to spread good tidings and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Will was very good, having learned his speaking parts in a matter of days and did a wonderful job of playing Joseph to Kara's Mary.

There were also three kings,

(Xan, Hannah and Lauren), a shepherd (Aiden)

and an angel (Emily).

On a sadder note, puppy Jenny passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. It turns out that when the vet performed surgery on her for an interstinal blockage, he discovered she was born with a deformed stomach that would not be able to be repaired. Although she only with us a short time, we will miss her sweet face and personality. Best wishes, Jenny.

Christmas Day!

Santa came to visit Will and Xan at Grandma Peggy's, leaving behind a pair of very loud play rifles. I think they were meant to be kept and Grandma Peggy's andnot brought home... Peggy made a tasty breakfast and we puttered around the house for the good part of the day. The puppy Jenny couldn't hold any food down, so Jill and I took her to the vet, an office owned by one of her high school friend's Dad. Jenny needed to stay overnight for some fluids and to get her body temperature up a bit. Grandpa Bill and Grandma Velma came over and gave the Wii bowling a try.

The controller threw Grandma Velma for a loop, but I think she's getting the hang of it. Grandpa Bill managed to beat Will at bowling - no easy feat!.

We opened up the gifts under the tree in the afternoon, once Grandpa Paul got home from work. Here are some of the photos from that:

Christmas Eve ...

Christmas Eve was a day spent around the house until the evening. We went to church service, where the kids were decked out for the festivities and listened to the Pastor talk about receiving gifts.

Afterwards, we headed over to Aunt Sam's house to eat, chat and try to keep the kids down to a dull roar in the basement. Apparently, the Santa Tracker had Santa flying over Asia, on his way to the States, much to the kids' delight.

Cousin Rachelle's family was there. Her daughter, Emma is the same age as Drew, so those two, along with Hannah and Xan, fought over the small rocking horse in the living room. I think Hannah won in the end.

We found out today that Rachelle is expecting child #2 in June. Congrats!

Grandma Brenda and Drew.
I managed to get the kids to sit still for a brief moment to snap this picture.

Then it was off to bed - Santa was on his way!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jenny, ice and Wii all played...

... we arrived at the Rodney's parents' house Monday before supper. The weather was cold, 17 degrees, but not yet wet or icy - something that would change in less than 12 hours. We met the new addition to the family, Jenny, a chocolate lab puppy who needed a little TLC from the Guthries who newly arrived. Will trussed her up in a basket. Fortunately, she is very easy going, loves attention and had no problems with being treated like a rag doll.

Tuesday the weather turned into icy rain and Aunt Jill had to postpone her trip from St. Louis for the holiday by a day. She was less than thrilled but has since safely arrived to help Will create a gingerbread house. My car was a bit confused witht he severe change in weather from the balmy 75-degree weather we had left in Pensacola - it now had icicles dripping from it.

Here is Rodney trying not to slip on the icy grass as he gets the mail for his Mom. She had slipped and cracked her head a few days earlier, but is just fine now.

Cousin Katie and her son Drew, were already in town from Arizona. We had a great time getting to know Drew, who is a real cutie. We think he looks like Uncle Jim. Speaking of Uncle Jim, he was attacked by an unruly group of boys yesterday. I think he has fully recovered by now.

Tuesday evening Grandpa Paul arrive home with a surprise: He had won a Wii game console at work! What a great Christmas gift for everyone!

I quickly installed it and in the past two days the entire family has bowled, played tennis, played baseball, boxed and more. Will was especially thrilled and quickly beat everyone at bowling with his strikes. Here's the proof that EVERYONE (even Aunt Brenda!) was having fun...

Even Drew started getting in on the action...