Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open House at Hellen Caro

Thursday night was Open House at Hellen Caro and both boys were eager to show us their classroom and what projects they had been working on over the past month. Here are the photos I took:

Rodney is touched by Will's essay about his hero - his Dad. 
Will with his teacher, Mr. Sublett, a retired Marine helicopter pilot.

Xan checks out the salt crystals Will made in class.

Will shows Xan some of the cool stuff that was on his desk for Open House.

Will's "I Am" poem.

Will's class fish, who keep breeding more. The babies are kept in a separate tank.

Will is a little behind on his reading...

Xan at his desk in Ms. Williams' class.

Xan shows off the chart of the class accomplishments, If he could just master the word "the," he will have mastered the first nine weeks' sight words.

Xan stands on front of his work, which was on display for Open House.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Smiling through the scars...

It is sunglasses day at school (fundraiser) and Xan was crawling around on the floor with other kids. He bonked heads with one and his sunglasses cut him. He is fine, Dad took care of him and, at his request, he went back to school. Now he has a scar to matcht he one on the left he cot a few years ago (you can kind of see it in this photo, above the outer corner of his eye). And I have no idea why he is smiling so big...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Semper Fi 5K Run (walk)

Here are some photos from this weekend's 5K USMC Semper Fi run in downtown Pensacola. Rodney said the boys did well, especially Will. Will didn't stop or slow down once. However, I was told "the boys did well" before I found out that Rodney left Xan at a Gatroade stand for a half mile. Maybe Rodney should actually train the boys for a 3-mile run before embarking on one....

I did not run, of course, but I did earn some extra funds manning the Pen Air booth with fellow co-workers Crystal and my new part-time counterparty, Libby.


Who is that tall, skinny kid in black?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome, Ben!

Rodney's cousin Abby and her husband, Joe, welcomed their son, Ben William Landolt, to the world at 4:04 p.m. today. 7 lbs. 7 oz. Mom and baby are doing very well.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Xan's Kindergarten class

Here is a photo that was sent home sometime last week but was just found on the kitchen table: Xan's Kindergarten class.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last chance to support the school fundraiser...

As I mentioned before, both Will and Xan have been turned in to little sale people yet again this fall. They  both need to sell 5 items in order to get the first prize, which, of course, they both want to do. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. And, if you can't that's OK, too. Trust me, we know times are tough!
The deadline is Sept. 14, which is Wednesday.
Be sure to use one of the kids' codes for Hellen Caro Elementary School:

Will: 624969
Xan: 107061

Click on the link below to begin shopping...or cut and paste the following into your browser's address bar if you can't click on it.
When you purchase items, you will be allowed to assign 1 point per item purchased to the child whose code you used after you check out. They each need five points (items) to get the first prize.
Thank you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raeanne and Andrew's Wedding

Raeanne and Andrew got married today. The ceremony went off without a hitch... Will was in charge of the guestbook, and did an amazing job, as I am sure you would expect. Xan was the ring bearer and was actually quite the ham today - the complete opposite of Zombie Xan that existed at the rehearsal yesterday. Will and Xan were pretty impressed with themselves in their tuxedos... and rightly so - they looked very sharp.

The boys said they thought they looked like Men in Black, or secret agent men, so I posed them as such.  They were sure to bring their sunglasses to the church.

We attempted to get a Christmas photo, but Xan forgot how to smile at this point in time.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loyed

Will did a great job manning the guest book table

I repurposed some of the centerpiece flowers for a display on our mantle.
 Xan decided to go all "Saturday Night Fever" on us this afternoon and was not just cutting the rug, but shredding it. He was definitely a crowd pleaser with his moves.... especially the fast spins where he ends with a point to someone in the crowd.

The chocolate fountain was YUMMY, as you can see.

I couldn't use my flash during the ceremony, so I did my best with my iPhone. 

Where's Xan? This is when the new couple is announced.

Friday, September 09, 2011

September so far...

Creating his own superheroes on the Marvel web site.

My dining room table with my parents' wedding silver on it.

The laptop is as big as Xan is...

Will getting suited up for the bungee jump in the mall (it rained all Labor Day weekend, thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, so we were all going a little stir crazy!).

Xan getting suited up for the bungee jump. He started to cry at this point and refused to jump. I made him stay there since he had wanted to go up until that point. The guy next to me, with sarcasm, said that I was going to be up for Mother of the Year. Obviously he doesn't know me very well.

Will not only jumped, but flipped.

Xan., stiff as a board, crying and refusing to jump. I asked the worker to bounce him a little (they often pull the kids down to go higher).

It's official and in writing: I am a graduate teaching assistant at UWF.

The boys getting fitted in their tuxes for Raeanne and Andrew's wedding. 
Xan looking debonaire.

Will looking dashing.

Will and Xan with Raeanne at the rehearsal dinner tonight.  Xan cried and barely participated. Hopefully he will do better tomorrow.

Yes, their wedding colors are blue and orange.

Small, Medium and Large impatient wedding guests.

Don't let this photo fool you. The minute he had the pillow in his hand and had to do it"for real" he because a zombie who refused to move or talk. 
The luau themed rehearsal dinner was a hit with the kids - especially the mini umbrellas.

Andrew and Rae with the frame room divider and altered for  them. It was on display in the dining hall.