Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The boys enjoy a 3-week vacation - and so does their Mom!

Grandma Peggy flew in Aug. 13 to pick up Will and Xan and take them to Illinois for three weeks. Rodney was already gone for the month, at an air traffic control seminar in Pensacola, FL. He'll be arriving with the boys tomorrow evening. I've only talked to Will three times - he has been very "busy" feeding the cows, doing chores and playing with his cousin Kara. He's also had the big responsibility of keeping an eye on "his baby" Xan, making sure those Illionois folks take good care of him.
Xan has perfected the art of rolling over and had found his high-pitched screaming voice. I think his misses me, though, because just hearing his Mom's voice on the phone calms him out of a screaming fit! (Much to his father's chagrin!)
Rodney graduated from his class with flying colors, even has a certificate to prove it! He also enjoyed hanging out with his buddy Jesse and showing his Uncle Earl and Uncle Jim around the town when they came to pick him up and drive him back to Illinois Aug. 25.
With the boys gone, I got the chance to revive my social calendar, complete with dinner with friends, a wedding to attend, a spa day at Burke Williams, a new haircut and several shopping trips. I don't think I've ever been so girly in my life, but I figure I only have three short weeks to take advantage of it and then it's back to the trenches as a career woman, doting wife and loving mother! (Guess I'm not fooling anyone, am I?)
I'm looking forward to seeing my boys tomorrow.

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