Saturday, September 09, 2006

Keep that baby clean!

Grandpa Mark put Will to work washing his car this morning. His - meaning WILL'S! This 1967 aqua blue Ford Mustang is a family heirmloom that my Grandma Ginia bought off the lot in 1966. My Mom drove it in 1969 for her driver's test and the car was later traded in in the early 70's.
A guy a year ahead of me in high school owned the car in the early 1990's and my mom told him that if he ever wanted to sell it, to let her know. A few years down the road, the guys showed up, ready to sell. Mom has kept the driver's side door all these years as a momento and tried the key in the door. It worked better than the key the guy had!
Mom said that the oldest grandchild would inherit the car at 16. Will knows that car is his and is very protective of it. Grandpa can only drive it as long as he knows he's just borrowing it. There aren't any cool, contemporary bells and whistles on it, so we'll see how cool Will thinks it is in 12 years!

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