Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy, busy busy!

I knew that January 2008, actually the entire first quarter of 2008, was going to be busy for us, but I had no idea just how busy, Here is a very quick recap of what has been going on: (forgive the typos, I am trying to type fast as my time is limited!)

We got home from Illinois Jan, 4 and had just enough time to greet the dogs and unpack before Rodney had to repack for a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, for some airspace management training. He was gone for two weeks and did quite well in his class, which was all Air Force people. He was the only Marine in a class of about 8, but they did not seem to hold it against him. In his free time he played poker in the local casino and did some shopping in the outlet malls.

Menawhile, back at the ranch, Will and Xan were having some trouble adjusting to being back in California, and without Daddy around. There were a few fitful nights, but we got through it. Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Mark helped with some child care and after-school pickups along the way. Us, them, GG, Unlce Joe, Aunt Gina and Brandon all spent the weekend in Palm Springs Jan. 11-13. I went there to be a scrap vendor at a weekend retreat and they tagged along. We all kept busy with our own stuff, so I did not see them much, but tried to check in now and then. The dogs stayed at Pet Suites, which was a lovely pet resort that I, myself, would not mind staying in.

The plumbing went out in the house the following week, but was luckily fixed the same day. Will had a dental appointment and all looked great - it looks as though he will start losing teeth in about 6 months. I geared up for vendoring at ScrapFest San Diego this past weekend and Xan fought off some sinus trouble.

This weekend, I set up for ScrapFest San Diego at the Del Mar Fairgorunds on Friday, with the help of a very nice Marine under Rodney. Without Patrick I would not have been nearly as fast at setting up my booth! I picked Rodney up from the San Diego airport that night and, while the kids hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Rodney assisted me at Scrapfest, where, according to several good sources, Kits2Remember was the talk of the show. I have been asked to be on an Internet radio show, the Diva Craft Lounge (the Diva was at Scrapfest and Rodney bought me a tiara from her booth), on Feb. 20 at 12:40 p.m. PST to talk about K2R and my acrylic. She also asked me to be a guest designer in her upcoming books she is having printed this year. I have also had a number of classes as local scrapbook stores and attendance has been fabulous so far in 2008! I might be able to make a career out of this yet!

So, on to this week .... tonight we took the kids to their favorite place - Irvine Spectrum, where we hung out at Dave & Busters. Tomorrow Rodney is having his upper GI scoped so we can see why he has so much stomach trouble. He is a little nervous about being knocked out, since he's never been put under for anything. We will keep everyone posted on the results.

This weekend I have yet another scrapbook show in Ontario, CA, Scrapbook Alley, where I will be a vendor and teach classes. Rodney is scheduled to assist once again and my parents are being kind enough to watch the kids again. I am looking forward to it - and to actually sleeping at home for a weekend! LOL!

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