Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Xan's first day of preschool

While Will has had the same affects on his tummy as his father did whenever school was mentioned (nausea, tears, pleas for a reprieve), Xan's tearful reaction to preschool was a little less expected.

The night before, Xan was all ready for school. We ran over to Wal-mart and he picked out his own lunch box, a soccer ball-shaped one, and had to be told that he did not get to ride the bus like Will. But once we stepped through the classroom door the next morning, the excitement was all over and he was trying to climb up my legs. Teachers Miss Mercedes and Miss Christy tried to bond with him, but it took my (and Grandma Nancy's) leaving to get him to calm down. After I took Grandma to the airport for her flight back to SoCal, I went back to opeek at Xan through the little classroom window. He was eating string cheese and drinking apple juice. No nausea there!

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