Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bonfires and jackpots...

Sunday the Guthries enjoyed some Japanese traditional with a bonfire. To read about that experience, please visit my public blog. But here are some more photos that didn't make it on to that post:

Walking to the festivity tents. It was sprinkling, but we braved it!
Will and Xan with Mikalynne, who is Rodney's boss' daughter.
I don;t know if you can see it will, but there is steam coming out of the bent bamboo pole. It was kind of eerie looking.

The boys and Mikalynne watching the blaze (from a safe distance).

On Saturday we ran errands out in town, one of them being a trip to the 7-story department stoe Fuji Grand. Of course, the kids had to play in the arcade. They should have bought lottery tickets that day because they hit three different jackpots which earned them two purses, Pringles,candy galore, and a stuffed bear... whose legs fell off after a couple of hours. I had to sew them back on to keep Xan from bursting in to tears... I felt a little like Mila Kunis in "Ted."

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