Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wee Willie Winkie makes his debut ...

Will's kindergarten class put on a cute program called "Mother Goose in Winter Wonderland." Will got the part of Wee Willie Winkie, oddly enough. Althought he kids had more than two weeks to learn their part, Will's super duper memory made it so he had his whole four-line paragraph memorized in three days. He was very cute in his PJs, sleeping cap and pillow, not to mention the rosy cheeks ... if only he didn't take his part so SERIOUSLY! He didn't once crack a smile until his part was read, but he did very well and was one of the few children you could completely understand from start to finish. Watching from the audience were Mom, Grandma Nancy and Xan. Xan was intrigued by Will's hat and "reading" the performance program ... upside down!

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