Thursday, April 10, 2008

Xan turns 2, starts potty training and moves to a big boy bed!

What a week it has already been for Xan! Potty training began on his birthday, which was Monday, so he is spending the week at Miss Robin's house (where Will used to go to daycare) instead of Miss Lori's. Robin seems to have the magic touch when it comes to potty training, and Xan is doing very well! He's had a few accidents, but has had more potty episodes than accidents. He even managed to stay dry while we ate his birthday dinner at Claim Jumper. One gentleman we met while waiting for a seat chatted it up with Rodney and Xan and then left with his to go food. The hostess then let us know that he had paid for a giant slice of 6-layer chocolate cake for Xan to enjoy after his supper. Xan was thrilled with it and managed to blow out his own candles (in two breaths, but who's counting?). Afterwards, it was home to open some gifts. Grandpa Mark came over to help Rodney move a desk, so he stayed for the festivities, as well. Xan got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dress up set, two T-shirts, a pair or iguana sunglasses and three pairs of size 8 shoes, including a pair of black cowboy boots like Daddy's. Xan seemed quite pleased with the gifts, but likes his boots, light-up shoes and TMNT sword the best.

Sunday night was the first night Xan slept in the big boy bed below Will's bunk. Since he is potty training, we wanted to make sure he could get out of bed to potty if he had to. He still wears a diaper at night, but there may be some miracle night where he gets up to go (after all, that;s what his mommy did - and freaked her parents out!). Plus, Grandma Nancy made him an "I Spy" quilt like Will's, only red instead of blue. Xan had fun pointing the pictures out with her Sunday night.

Saturday is the boys' big party at Scooter's Jungle. We are looking forward to Grandpa Paul, Grandma Peggy and Aunt Jill coming out for it!

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