Monday, May 26, 2008

A busy Memorial Day Weekend

Well, let's see, what have the Guthries been up to this weekend? Rodney had a Marine Corps softball tournament Saturday, where his team came in 5th out of 10. He got sunburned, sore and thinks he cracked a rib ... but says he had fun for the most part. Will, Xan and Jessica watched "Indiana Jones" at the theater Saturday night, along with the rest of Orange County. It was crowded but not as bad as it has been for other movies. The movie was pretty good, with a few plot twists. Xan liked it more than Will, who freaked out at the though of aliens. Xan really enjoyed the motorcycle and when one of the characters swung through the trees like a monkey. Will asked a lot of questions during the movie and Xan shouted and cheered when the action parts took place.

While Saturday was actually GG's 87th birthday, we celebrated with dinner, cheese cake and gifts at Mark and Nancy's house Sunday night. The usual suspects were there: The Guthries, Joe, Gina and Brandon, etc.

Monday morning was coffee and donuts for us. Jessica drank iced tea, and after their milk, the boys had some of daddy's coffee. Xan asked repeatedly, "Coffee, please!" until Rodney had to admit that he had allowed him to try some coffee and he loved it. Mmm-hmm.

Potty training is going quite well for Xan. He lets you know when he has to go, so he is only wearing a diaper at night and sometimes at nap time (if he doesn't wear one, you need to hear when he wakes up so he can go to the bathroom right away!). He's down to only about one accident a week, usually when Daddy isn't paying attention to Xan's warnings.

Will is getting ready for his School's Open House Wednesday and excited about the talent show he is in at his TLC after school care. Oh, and, surprise, surprise, he is counting down the days until he gets to go to Illinois!

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