Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rodney's all checked in...

... and here is a photo I took of him in his check-in uniform (alphas? charlies? I have no idea what they are called...) when I went to base to take him his phone he forgot. He had an early day, though, was home by noon since the Sergeant Major he was supposed to meet with was unavailable. But he's officially stationed at NAS Pensacola now. He loves the 10-minute drive to work (versus 45 minutes in California).

Will has been enrolled in school and I have to attend orientation on Aug. 14. Xan is still on the waiting list for preschool, but the director has high hopes of getting him in within the next month.

I am getting ready for my trip back to California Sunday to take the bus to Provo, Utah, for Creating Keepsakes University, a scrapbooking convention I am attending. Can;t get enough of the Guthrie Gang news? Don't forget to check out my scrap blog for more news!

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