Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rodney's surprise 30th birthday party

Rodney's family surprised him with a birthday party at the local Town Hall June 27. About 60 people were there, family and friends, to enjoy the sloppy joe supper, cake and camaraderie. Here are some of the highlights:

Rodney as he came in the door of the Town Hall
The Pursley Family
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Rodney
Rodney embarassed by the hall singing to him
Blowing out 30 candles ... Peggy made sure to have a few of Rodney's favorite "magic" relighting candles. It's a wonder that Rodney didn't pass out trying to keep them all blown out!
Cousin Hannah
Chatting with longtime family friends the McAllisters
Lillian McAllister, author of the weekly Detroit Town News gave the blessing
Aunt Brenda served up the sloppy joes
My brother, Joe, sister-in-law, Gina, and nephew Brandon
Cousin Lauren
Cousin Kara and her aunt, Lisa
Two cousins, both named Mikayla, has a ball with Xan ... here is Mikayla #1 ...
... and Mikayla #2 (in no particular order, of course!)
The mother-daughter bench: My MiL Peggy, her mom Velma, my grandma Virginia and my Mom, Nancy.
Mikayla and her Dad, Lonnie
Will reading with his Uncle Earl
And, of course, before the night was over, my boys had managed to find the dirt pile outside and slide in it in some of their better summer clothes ... Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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