Monday, October 06, 2008

Will got straight A's!

Rodney and I went to Will's parent-teacher conference and he got all A's... who-hoo! The only thing he appears to get into trouble for is talking. Each child had 10 pennies and when they don't behave as they should, they get a penny taken away. They have opportunities to earn the pennies back throughout the week. If you have 9 or 10 pennies, you get an A for citizenship that week. Will comes home and lets us know if he lost or gained pennies that day. If you lose one, it is usually for talking at the wrong time. In fact, the whole class was so chatty one morning last week that Ms. Perry said, "Whoever wants to talk needs to bring me a penny." Without hesitation, Will gave her one of his pennies. I don't really think that is what she had in mind, though! He is also one of the few kids with a blue sticker on his desk. That means that,once his work is complete, other kids can come to him for help. Ms. Perry said she does this to foster leadership in students who appear to have a knack for it. Hopefully Will will continue to excel.
Coach Stearns in the school PE teacher and Ms. Perry said it is tough to get a compliment from him, as he is pretty strict with his rules during PE. She said Will always gets compliments from Coach Stearns. Maybe having a Marine Dad is paying off!

Since he got straight A's, Will was allowed to eat at the restaurant of his choice. He chose Denny's of course. He had breakfast for dinner and was quite happy. Xan had his first mozzarella stick and had a little trouble with the stretchy cheese, but managed to eat the entire stick before his food came (he has pizza and Goldfish crackers - what a combo!

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jkasal said...

Xan, that cheese stick looked really good!! Next time have 1 for me.

Way to go Will on the stright A's!!!

Hope fully you can write better than your teacher.

How many PE classes did he have on Monday?