Monday, January 26, 2009

SoCal family and a 5th missing tooth...

... I do not have any pictiures yet, but Will lost his fifth tooth today. According to him, A kindergartener accidentally kicked Will in the mouth, knocking the last top front tooth loose. Will said he didn;t realize it was gone until he felt his mouth, They did find the tooth, though and the Tooth Fairy will make yet another stop at the Guthrie house. No pliers required this time.

As for me, I am now at my parent's house for three weeks of scrappy events. We had family dinner last night so G.G., Uncle Joe, Aunt Gina and Brandon were over to Mom and Dad's for tacos. We showed Will's latest literary creation "Pirates" to everyone. Here is G.G., enjoying it.

Here are some photos of my nephew Brandon, whom I haven't seen since October and he's grwon like a weed since then.

Brandon was in good spirits and was quick to show us - and tell us - his alphabet letters. He knows all of our family member's names, from "onny" (Rodney) and "ki-cuh" (Jessica) to "zin" (Xan) and "wull" (Will). He loves looking at photos of everypne. He'll be two in June.

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Ogle Family said...

Your Grandma looks GREAT!