Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby turtles and baseball ...

... I found this cute little guy in the backyard when I was weeding today. He looks like some kind of slider, and since we have a ton of ponds around here, I am sure he is local. He's staying in a bucket in our house tonight and despite the kids' protests (Will: "Mom, he's so cute! Can we keep him?" Xan: "What's turtle's name?") I'll let him go at one of the ponds tomorrow.

Tonight, both Will and Rodney had baseball games. Actually, Rodney umpired Will's game, which is an OK thing in the league, as long as the umpire can be fair. If Rodney is anything, he is fair, so there was no problem. Will's team did win 20-10 and Will hit the ball three out of three times, got on base twice and scored once.

Here is a shot of him on first base, waiting for the next hit. The next two batters ended up striking out, unfortunately. Can you see Rodney in the background?

Will played left field today.

Umpire dad waved at Xan, who was playing in the empty scorekeepers hut.

Will clapping for his team in the after-game huddle.

We got Xan's preschool spring portraits today. Very cute...

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