Wednesday, February 06, 2013

From 6 to 3 in the house...

Monday morning Rodney headed off to a multi-country training in Thailand. He says it's hot. So, I guess he's enjoying another tropical vacation. Just kidding...

Tuesday morning I dropped Peggy and Jill off at the Iwakuni airport a mere 5 minutes after we left the mid-rise. It is THAT close. The two weeks they were here went by incredibly fast, but we managed to pack in a lot of stuff, as you can see by the blog and Facebook posts. Here are a few photos that I hadn't had a chance to post yet.

Aunt Jill helped Xan make a Valentine Box for his class party next week. It was quite the masterpiece!

Saturday was a day out on the town... of Yanai, which is where Mister Max is, a Japanese equivalent to Wal-mart. Inside is a McDonalds, which is where we ate lunch. Everyone agreed that it tasted the same, but that the portions, especially the drinks, were smaller. In America the largest McNugget order you can get is 20 pieces. In Japan it is 15.

Because everything is bigger in America... especially Texas.

Checking out the Japanese refrigerators, which are tall and skinny.

Saturday night was meat-on-a-stick restaurant night. It is actually called Hakkenden,but Americans call it "The meat-on-a-stick place." Peggy is eating the teriyaki chicken.

Jill tried quail egg.
 After dinner we headed to Primavera for their pretty desserts and cute coffee. Rodney and the boys didn't really appreciate it, but I made them go since they had never been.

Rodney's cake 
My cake

Jill's cake

Xan and his ice cream
Peg's hot chocolate

Jill's designer espresso
 While Will earned awards for his straight A's and Rodney earned a promotion, Xan earned Student of the Month for Respect and got a pizza lunch. Luck would have it that Grandma Peggy and Aunt Jill were still in town to share the occasion (but not the pizza!) with him.

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