Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has sprung... which means we have allergies...

Well, at least Xan does. He had to go to the doctor this week because of three weird rashes on his neck, arm and leg, which I managed to capture in the is photo, three days after he started using the cream the doctor prescribed, plus Zyrtec.

But, as you can tell, aside from skipping karate on Thursday, it really hasn't slowed him down much.

Baseball and softball seasons are starting up, so all three of my boys have been busy working on their swings and fielding. Little League officially starts April 20, which is my big craft sale day, with an opening ceremony, and Rodney's season will start Memorial Day. No pictures, yet, but I am sure we will have plenty as the seasons really get serious.

Some other odds and ends from the week:

The sakuras, or cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Iwakuni this weekend, I took photos Friday morning. Check out my public blog to see all of my favorite photos.

This is a photo of Rodney's detachment that I took Friday morning, minus a few people on leave. It would a great photo if the commissary wasn't behind it.

Will ordered a new dish at our base restaurant, JD's... a half rack of ribs. He was shocked by how much food he got.

But it was very tasty, he said.

Today we headed off to the gym for the Health and Wellness Fair. I am not sure what he had to do with health or wellness, but this balloon artist was just amazing. I loved the balloon cherry blossom tree he had at his table.

This was also at the health and wellness fair. And to think I just gave Xan my old cell phone (that did not work) to play with. Will only had the VCR.

In this month's base magazine, The Preview, an article I wrote about home-based businesses was published. It was fun to see my name in print again. You should be able to click on this photo to enlarge it so you can read it if you like.

With their birthdays coming up, the boys made a list of WWE Rumblers that they DON'T have yet. Here is the list:

Today was the base Easter Egg Hunt, which was broken up by age group. There was one golden egg per age group that got the finder a large basket of goodies. Here are the boys looking intently for the golden egg (which was just an egg wrapped in brown packaging tape) for Xan's group.

Xan did his best, but he didn't find the golden egg. However,Will did find an egg with tape on it and took it over to the table. It supposedly wasn't the actual golden egg, but he got a prize basket anyway... not sure how that works, but so be it. Will was kind enough to share the goodies with his brother.

But that wasn't the weirdest part of the day. Here is the weirdest part:

This is Junko (pronounced joon-koh), a Japanese lady I first met at the Hina Doll Festival about a month ago. She happened to be at the egg hunt with some American friends and we got to talking, Turns out, she went to El Toro High School in Lake Forest, Calif., the same time I did, graduating a year before me. We didn't know each other then, but I can't wait to look her up in the yearbook! Her parents still live in Lake Forest, just a few miles away from mine. What a coincidence! She now lives in Japan with her husband and four children. We plan to keep in touch.

And, last but not least, I made fruit pizza for the first time in years and served it on my four sakura plates I got at the base thrift store for 50 cents. Happy Spring!

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