Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A peek at what we hope will be our new home

So this is what we hope will be our new home in 2017! We plan to close on the house in mid-January and then finish some renovations that were started. We hope to move in in April, just in time for a birthday bash for the boys! Here are some photos I captured today.

Out of respect and for the privacy of the current owners, please do not share this post with anyone else. We have given it exclusively to friends and family... it is not yet "Facebook Official." You are one of the lucky few to get to check it out early. ;)

6,500 square feet
5 bedrooms (one will be a game room)
4 bathrooms (soon to be 5)
4 furnace A/C units
double paned windows throughout
3 lots

Faces East

South side

North side - two car garage with workshop

We are going to walk in through that door right above the car's trunk...

And into the office with built in desks and shelving:

Standing in the office looking in to the family room, which also has built in shelving and a fireplace. The white wall to the right: If you walk past it and to the left it is the kitchen and spiral staircase. If you turn left before the wall you will get to the garage and a guest bathroom.

The wall referred to above. The guns are not included in the sale. The doorway to the left goes to the kitchen and spiral staircase.

Guest bathroom. Cabinet doors will be added.

Through the spiral staircase to the family room.

The family room

The dinette area between the family room and the kitchen

Island number 1 in the kitchen

Island number 2

The kitchen from the dinette area... the cabinets and drawers will be getting doors.

The large fridge is staying... looking at the laundry room at the top right

This is the older part of the home built in 1930. The renovations here need to be completed: floors painting and fixtures. That is a gas fireplace that will be installed. The window to the left is the front window of the house.

Entryway hall, looking at the front door. This section and the living/dining room have the original floors intact. We will use reclaimed wood to fix damaged areas and try to save the floors.

Original staircase and front door

Back in the living room. The flooring in the boxes will be used in the game and boys' rooms upstairs.

A panoramic of the living/formal dining room area.

The front door

Staircase... there is a garage door entrance under the staircase, and a storage closet.

The two doors on the right are another storage closet and a guest bathroom

This guest bathroom will be completed...

and comes with this shower.

Going upstairs now.. this is at the top landing and looking to the right in to the game room. To the left are the bedrooms.

Below is Xan's bedroom, which is the second door on the left at the top of the stairs. It needs paint, floors and fixtures.

From left to right: door to hallway, and two closets

Will's room, which is at the very front of the house. It also needs paint, floors and closets.

Will's room features two closets, also, including a large walk-in closet.

From left to right: closet, door to hallway, closet

Walk-in closet

Looking down the stairs from the landing. The stairs will be repaired and refinished.

The game room, to the right as you walk in. There is a window behind all the stuff.

The game room to the left as you walk in. Lost of electric plugs for gaming, and a closet with a washer/dryer hookup. We do not plan to use the hookups but the closet makes this a fifth bedroom for the house.

Beginning of the second floor hallway. Will's room is to the right there.

Turning around and looking down the hall to the master suite. Xan's room is on the left, the boys' bathroom is on the right.

Xan's doorway ... love the windows at the tops of these doorways!

Doorway to the master suite. Boys' bathroom to the right.

Boys' bathroom... large standup shower and toilet included to the left.


Now on to the master suite...

We start with the room-sized walk-in closet...

Section 1

Section 2 to the left (dark doorway)

Dressing area across from closet sections

Section 3... and vanity area

Toilet has it's own room across from...

the large shower and second sink area...

... and two-person jacuzzi tub. :)

The bedroom suite continues...

The door on the left is to a patio, the doorway in the center is to an alcove now used as a craft area and the door on the right leads out to the hallway where the spiral staircase comes up.

Craft alcove

Looking back to the bathroom area of the master suite

The hallway and start of the spiral staircase.


Hallway looking back at the master suite

Hallway lookimg back where the kids' rooms are

Back down to the main floor.... 

The laundry room/pantry

Taking the spiral staircase to the basement... there is a guest suite downstairs with bathroom (that needs a toilet... this will be finished)

Main area of the basement, from west to east...

Lots of room for activities but no definite plans at this time. We are going to leave this unfinished for now.

And the elevator... yes... it has an elevator... more for things than for people. So, I guess it's a dumbwaiter...? It goes to all three floors of the house. :) no hauling laundry upstairs!

Elevator shaft in the basement

One of three storage closets in the basement

And that's it for now, folks!