Monday, October 02, 2006

In Good Company

The boys (all three) and I headed to Hidden Valley park in Irvine Sunday for the NRPI company picnic. It was a great time, especially for the kids. We met up with Nan's family, so Will and Frannie bounced like crazy in the two bounce houses. They had plenty of kiddie rides, including rotating swings (Frannie loved them, but Will refused to go on - even when Nan said she would put him on a plane to Illinois if he went) lady bug mini coaster, a maze, canoes with daddy and Frannie's big sister Marli and so much more. Rodney and I played HORSE. I lost, of course. The company had a raffle for the adults, games and prizes for the kids and even goodie bags! By the time it was all over, Will was asking if he could take a nap.

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