Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buddies, awards and eggs...

Last night, we babysat Rodney's co-worker's son, Jacob, He fit right in with the boys, even eating along with them, grape for grape, Pizza Bite for Pizza Bite. We'll be watching him tomorrow night, too, so we'll see how well he likes baseball. We've got a softball game for Rodney and then Will's baseball game.

Today Rodney was recognized by his squadron, MATGS-21, for his volunteerism here in Pensacola, mostly for his umpiring for the Perdido Key Little League. He was able to take one guest to the luncheon with him, so he was kind (and/or smart) enough to chose me to go. He got a certificate and a cool challenge coin from the commanding officer Col. Will Thomas.

Rodney's friend and co-worker, Don, was also recognized for coaching for the Perdido Key Little League.

Here's a shot of the entire group present.

And, last but not least, while watering this evening, a bird flew out of my hanging spider plant out back. Before I flooded the pot with water, I had the urge to check it for a nest, and sure enough, we've got five pale green eggs in there. The boys are excited and are looking forward to seeing them hatch.

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