Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday's backyard birthday BBQ ...

... we had a few families over to enjoy the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hamburger, Hotdog and Pinata festivities. Here are some photos, in no particular order:

Xan gives the Pinata a whack.

My friend Emily took this photo - I don't think Xan was expecting someone else behind my camera!

Will and Xan had some help with the gifts from Andrew (L) and Jake (R).

The boys didn't seem to mind sharing a cake again.

Will really wanted to play "the donkey tail game." 98 cents at Wal-mart and I was covered!

Emily's son Vinnie has taken an instant liking to Rodnay... what's not to like, right?

18-month-old Vinnie gave the pinata a shot.

Vinnie's oldest sister, Sophie, gave SpongeBob a whack.

Sophie, 9, also tried her hand at tailing the donkey.

Rodney and Don manned the grill (Don is Andrew's Dad and works with Rodney.)

Jake's older brotherm, David, is in Will's class and they just live a few houses down the street from us. Jake, 3, did his best to stick the tail on the donkey.

GG used up her camera's film at the party. Film?!

David, Will's classmate, takes a swing at SpongeBob.

He also aimed to pin the tail.

A beauty shot of the boys' cake.

Anja, Emily's daughter and Will's classmate, had her turn at the pinata.

And she had her turn at the donkey.

Andrew,6, was quite enthusiastic when it came to hitting SpongeBob.

And then he was the big pin-the-tail winner - and got a pack of sidewalk chalk!

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Kathi L. said...

Is that really Jessica in a pink shirt??? I hate to tell you, girlfriend, but pink looks good on you.

Looks like a fun day. I am sure your mom was thrilled to be there. And you are right...FILM!!! Do they still develop that? LOL