Sunday, March 25, 2012

While in Illinois...

Aunt Jill sent out the invitations to her and Luke's wedding, scheduled for May 20. She got her first response back from cousin Abby. A cool addition to the invitation RSVP was a song request. They will build their reception playlist from those requests. Cool idea!

While we were there, a lot of cattle were born and added to the farms. Uncle Jim got two new bulls and Uncle Earl got one. Uncle John had a set of twins born (now all three uncles have had a set of twin calves this year born on their farms) and a tiny calf. She is a week old in the photo of her standing by her mom.

Video of the twins

The boys and I also had the chance to ride with Uncle Jim and Aunt Brenda as they moved cows and calves from one pasture to another. The calves were put in one part of the trailer and then cows loaded in to the other part. A couple of the calves needed pills for the "scowers" they had (diarrhea) before they were let go. The calves were let out first, and headed right. When their moms were unloaded, they headed left. So, Uncle Jim had to take off after the babies and herd them in the correct direction. We then waited to make sure they reunited with their mothers, who had crossed the small creek in the meantime.

Photos I forgot to post earlier: On the way to Illinois, the boys were eager to help get the bugs off the windshield. I think this kind of labor is the reason I had kids. :)

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