Sunday, March 11, 2012

Season Openers

Baseball season has started here in Pensacola, and both boys had games this weekend. Xan is playing for the Reds again and Will was drafted on the White Sox, the dominating team we've always tried to beat in the past. Xan batted twice, but Will only batted once, so I have more photos and videos of Xan than I do of Will.

Xan's game was first and he played both pitcher and first base. He got two outs and scored twice. Here are some photos:

Rodney and his friend from work, Sean and Sean's son, Barry.

Here is video of Xan's first hit:

Xan scoring a run:

Xan's team lost, 14-11.

Here are the photos I got from Will's game. He played third and center field yesterday and only had one at-bat where he struck out. Will's team still won, though, 6-3!

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