Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another one "bites" the dust...

Sorry for the slight pun, but I couldn't resist. Will lost another tooth this morning, the one right next to the one he lost earlier. So now the hole in his head is twice as big! We'll see what the tooth fairy brings this time...

Rodney left for 29 Palms, California on Thursday, so while he's enjoying the desert climate and visits with the in-laws, the boys and I are keeping busy around here. This weekend we washed Prestige, my car, and discovered that she is actually metallic.It took an hour to scrub her down... the dirt here is kind of greasy.  Apparently no one had washed her for months.

I can only image when the last time the inside was cleaned, so the boys don't know it yet, but we will probably work on cleaning the inside of her this weekend. The "auto skills center" allows you to use their pressure washers, vacuums and more for just $3 an hour. Plus, they have covered bays to stay out of the sun.

The Xbox 360 arrived a few days ago from Illinois, so the boys have been glued to it. Fortunately, they get along more often than the argue over how to play, although they get quite loud in the excitement of vanquishing the bad guys. Fortunately we don't have next-door neighbors yet, so I just pout on my head phones and past episodes of the latest TV show I am catching up on, Mad Men. I rarely watch TV, so these shows are completely new to me. The library on base has them for free and you can keep them for three weeks. Score!

The boys have been able to Skype with their days about every-other day. I don't know what we would do over here without Skype. If you care to talk with us my Skype name is jessicaguthrie22.

The kids are enjoying KArate very much, so I paid their sensei for their gis,or as Xan likes to call them, their "karate suits." The sensei had Xan's size on hand, but Will's is in the process of being shipped here. He should have it anytime. This week they got to kick their "opponents," as well as punch the padded wall.

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