Sunday, August 19, 2012


The boys had their first session of karate Thursday and they loved it. Click here for Will's sparring video and Xan's sparring video. Before you grandmotherly types freak out, it wasn't really sparring, as the videos will show you. Here are the photos I got:

Will and Xan are on the far left. The sensei is the gentleman in the front. Xan was very impressed that he was a black belt.

Bear crawls. The boys were NOT good at this.

Will practices his ninja roll

More ninja rolling.

Xan's turn to ninja roll.

More ninja rolling.

The sensei gives Xan a target to practice his "blade hands."

The kids were very serious about their karate lesson. We will probably continue until baseball season. The class is an hour on Mondays and Thursdays, $3.50 per kid, per session.
Meanwhile, we have been keeping busy in other ways around the house. Will goes to the youth center most afternoons. Xan has been perfecting his painting and we have all been watching a lot of movies. We are looking forward to our final shipment arriving. It is scheduled to arrive by the end of the month.

Please note that I finally found a lamp shade. It was at the thrift store on base for $5. It is pink, but once my scrap stuff gets here I hope to remedy that.

Will also lost a tooth! He put it in a plastic baggie under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy left 100 yen. I guess the Tooth Fairy here is Japanese. ;)

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